Wednesday, December 13, 2006

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On one of my first trips back to San Francisco a few things were apparent. The city is a Mecca for art and culture. There is something to be seen on every corner of almost every block journeyed. Climbing over back alleys to travels down Market Street the plethora of visual stimulation is abundant.

One thing that stood out was the mass campaign of UPC and AKO / AKAYO stickers found in the city. I could not visualize a newspaper box, stand, or advert that did not have markings left. Some instances an object had 5 or 6 different stickers applied. After seeing the area I knew that they were not all adhered at the same moment, yet at different times and dates.

To put that into perspective I figure that in excess of over 3000 stickers would have to be administered to cover the entire area I had covered. All of which were hand drawn. That is two things: LOVE and Commitment.

It is with pleasure I introduce our next interview. AKO AKAYO.

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GrungyJoe said...

sup bro ! its Dred , so you coming down in january???