Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Art Projekts Interview

I have a new interview over at Andy Howells Art Projekts.Thanks To Rob and Andy for helping me out and supportting my art.

Shawn Whisenant, also known as “AKO” or “Akayo” was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. His art can be found on the streets or in galleries and museums across the United States, Australia and Europe. He has been working on the streets since the mid 1990’s where his images continue to endure on walls, mailboxes and other surfaces around the city. He has participated in group shows worldwide and has had solo shows in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York. His work has appeared in numerous publications worldwide.

AP: What inspires your art?
A: Skateboarding, music, life, lurking the city streets, my friends.

AP: What is the relationship between technique and content in your work?
A: I just create what i create- I really never set out with a plan when it comes to my fine art. When I do my sign painting I have to figure everything out; size wise, makesure everything to make sure it’s straight, so thats alot different than making my other art.

AP: Describe your first experience of making art and how it affected your life’s journey.
A: I’ve always made art as a young kid, my mom is also an artist. I don’t know what I’d be doing if it wasnt for my art. I love doing what I do everyday and still am excited about creating new work and attacking new projects daily.

AP: Describe your most recent experience of making art.
A: The last few weeks I’ve been doing alot of sign painting projects around San Francisco; I’m painting the oning and a-frame of a DownTown Skate Shop On Hyde & Post as well as doing a few logos for them. I’ve also been doing  some other  skate related things projects.

AP: Take us on a guided tour through a day in your life as an artist
A: Make art all day long; lot’s of coffee, maybe go skating if im not drawing or busy, figure out ways of making money, Logo’s sometime’s, check emails, skate to the store for smokes and muchies, stop by gallerys, post office, make sticker’s and write on stuff. Thats about all I do these days.

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