Saturday, June 11, 2011

Skate Adventure Around The City!

Enjoyed a beautiful sunny day here in San Francisco skateboarding around and visiting a few spots around the city.Most the time we just skate around the city hitting different spots but today we had a car so we visited a few spot we don't get to go to alot.
          We skated these cool bump things out by Candlestick park and kicked around that area.
   This is James and Travis who is up here visiting from Los Angeles lurking around the beach area.
              We even went out to Crocker Amazon park for a quick skate.I haven't been there in years.
                                        Went to the fun double sided curbs out by Wallenberg
                                                               These ledges were a blast!
                               Then up to Ft.Miley,one of my all time favorite spots in San Francisco

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