Monday, September 03, 2012

Film Por Vida Opening This Saturday Sept. 8th in San Francisco!

Join us for the first ever San Francisco showing of Film Por Vida! Creator/Curator Jai Tanju and many contributors will be in attendance. 

The Film Por Vida print exchange program is an international exchange of photographic prints through the mail by over 200 photographers from around the world. Inspired by Ray Johnson and the New York Correspondence school, Jai Tanju has sent out thousands of photos to photographers, film lovers and artists. In return, Jai has received over 1500 pieces of mail that 
will be exhibited along with 46 photographs by:
Joe Brook, Tobin Yelland, Sam Milianta, Tim Irwin, Dave Schubert, Dan Boulton, Takeshi abe, B.Foneville. J.Siegel, Jai Tanju, Ken Nagahara, Weston Colton, Brad Westcot, Greg Hunt, Dennis McGrath, Bryce Kanights, Amanda Lopez, Isaac Randozzi, Mark Whiteley, Dave Franklin, Kingsley Ifill, Phil Jackson, Eric Antoine, Fabrizio Biviano, Daniel P. Lopez, Tim Pigott, AAdam Dorobiala, Hot Fudge, Nich Kunz, George Cutright, Matt Dobbs, Daniel Piersa, Nate Sweeters, Shawn Whisenant, Mark Waters, Sergej Vutuc, Holly Anderson, Tim Johnson, Matthew Patterson, Ben Gore, Jeremy Tubbs, Michael J Fox, Aaron Frisby, Nikos, Bobby Corns, and Espen Stokke.

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